Lakeside Chamber Players

About Us

About Us

Lakeside Chamber Players is an established Florida chamber ensemble composed of professional, classically trained musicians. Our name came from the historic Lakeside Inn in Mount Dora, Florida, where Innkeepers Jim and Alexandra Gunderson have generously provided Lakeside Chamber Players with a home and public performance venue.

The idea of a new chamber group was born from the need to provide music programs to the schools, adult communities, businesses and other civic organizations on a scale that is both exciting and affordable.

Magnificent music. A season of excitements.
Meet the members of the Lakeside Chamber Players.

Our goals

Three Primary Goals

1. To establish and maintain outreach programs that fill the current gap in music education programs. Data gathered over the past decade confirms that the discipline imposed through music training raises academic achievement, enhances social development and collaborative skills. Our musicians are here to support both public and private programs by working in collaboration with school band and choral faculties. An immediate aim is to establish a music camp at the Lakeside Inn during the summer, which provides ongoing training for multi-generational musicians. This will give them an opportunity for more concentrated focus without the heavy academic load required during the school year.

2. In tandem with these educational outreach programs, it is the aim of the LCP to create a series that takes music to our adult communities, hospitals, nursing and assisted-living homes, prisons and other civic organizations.

3. Our 20 musicians are also available to provide music for your business, private party or public event, from a solo musician in an art gallery to a full ensemble for gala size events. We will provide music programs that take into account the budget and style preferences, to include classical, jazz, musical theatre and American songbook portfolios.

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If you are interested in working or support us, or both, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!